Personalization based on the Visitors Weather Forecast

We are proud to reveal one of the newest and coolest features that Personyze has to offer – Segmentation by Weather Forecast. A creative way to engage your audience that allows you to divide visitors into segments based on weather conditions they are about to experience. Using this feature you can account for such things as rain, storm, nice sunny days, air temperature and humidity; and present your audience with the most appropriate campaign content designed to trigger them into action and increase conversion rates.

?What is so exciting about weather forecast based segmentation

It is a basic premise of life that everyone is somehow affected by the weather.  Simply put, people feel differently on a sunny beach day in California than on a snow day in New York. When people feel differently, they shop differently. So why not use this to our advantage?

Also, these effects are incredibly versatile, making marketing opportunities remarkably flexible. Travel websites can offer its visitors and email subscribers a cheap, warm refuge from an oncoming storm; shouldn’t a car dealership website display a banner of a nice convertible when it’s sunny outside and a 4×4 SUV when the weather is anything but pleasant? A website selling groceries online, can promote hot chocolate to visitors experiencing a cold day, and ice cream to everyone else.

It is only a question of ingenuity. When it comes to the weather, the possibilities are endless.

Google to Encrypt ALL Keyword Searches: Implications and what you can do about it

Ok, this is big news all you Personyze users out there should read. In the past month, Google quietly made a change aimed at encrypting a large portion of their search activity — except for clicks on ads (important note). Google says this has been done to provide “extra protection” for searchers. However the implication to the entire online optimization industry in general and to website personalization provides such as Personyze are of course quite noticeable.

Some background: Two Years Ago: Secure Searching For Logged-In Users was introduced
In October 2011, Google began encrypting searches for anyone who was logged into Google. The reason given was privacy. Google said it wanted to block anyone who might potentially be eavesdropping on a string of searches made by an individual and also prevent the actual search terms themselves from being seen by publishers, as some of them might be too “private” to reveal.

This Month: Secure Searching in Google Being Made Default For Everyone
Now, Google has flipped on encryption for people who aren’t even signed-in. When asked about this last week by Danny Sullivan from, Google confirmed the shift, saying:

“We added SSL encryption for our signed-in search users in 2011, as well as searches from the Chrome omnibox earlier this year. We’re now working to bring this extra protection to more users who are not signed in.”

A Very Sudden Change
One key question is “Why so suddenly?,” what prompted Google to make such a change out of the blue. And it was sudden.

When searches are encrypted, search terms that are normally passed along to publishers (and analytics systems such as Personyze or Google Analytics) after someone clicks on their links at Google get withheld and appears in the analytics system as “not provided”. Thus, also preventing, to some extent, a system such as Personyze to be able to target visitors based on their searched keyword for such secure traffic arriving from Google.

Over the past two years, the percentage of search terms as “not provided” has increased gradually, but not a giant leap in “not provided” activity. But in the past month, the increased encryption on Google’s side has produced a dramatic spike: from about 25% of all searches just a month ago, to about 75% of all searches today!!

While there are many speculations as to why Google initiated such as dramatic move (ranging from blocking NSA tracking to increasing ad sales), what we at Personyze, and our users, care about more than all is what happens next?

What happens next? What Personyze users should know?
Seeing that this move by Google has affected the whole industry, one first needs to know what are the limitations and what can be done to possibly limit them.

Some notes:

  • Such changes are currently relevant to search arriving from Google. Bing, Yahoo and other search providers operate their search normally
  • For “Paid Search” in Google, there is still a way you could grab the searched keyword in the landing page of the campaign. It is done by placing a special parameter in the landing page “utm_keyword” that is populated with the searched keyword. Please contact our support team should you have any question regarding how to set up and configure such parameter

As this entire move by Google was not properly announced, there is still some uncertainty regarding the details. This is why we at Personyze have reached out to Google with some questions. We shall update this post as soon as such answers arrive.

Open call to all BTBuckets users to migrate and upgrade to Personyze

It is quite amazing but, during our relatively short run here at Personyze we have seen many testing and personalization tools come and go or reach an “end of life” status. This is always a sad situation even if those companies are our direct competitors. One of the recent companies to sell its assets (to LivePerson in this case) and close its core business in May 2012 was “Amadesa” (which actually had its office just a few kilometers from our Israeli HQ).

Today we were announced that yet another tool – BTBuckets – has decided to end its current deployment as a stand alone tool. For you that remember, BTBuckets was here even before Personyze got started, offering what we viewed as quite a basic yet somewhat popular free segmentation tool that allowed marketers to create simple targeting activity in their site. Now, according to BTBuckets own statement issued today, the product is not killed, but rather migrated to a new commercial product they have developed which includes all the functionality currently available in BTBuckets together with a (limited) free plan. However, there is no migration path between the two products, and you will need to re-tag your site and re-create all your work from scratch in the new product.

So, if you are currently using BTBuckets, we would like to invite you to consider giving Personyze a try. We think of Personyze as a tool that took the vision of real-time segmentation and personalization to the next level by offering a truly ‘Enterprise Grade’ platform at a cost that even SMBs can afford, which allowed for Enterprises such as, HomeAway, Tesco, and Europcar to sign up, as well as  many others much much smaller companies. And best of all, Personyze is a completely self-service tool. You don’t need to be a developer or have any technical background to make the most out of our leading platform.

We are confident you are going to enjoy working with Personyze and getting your hands on some awesome new features that are simply just not available in other tools out there. Marketers who are considering migrating from other tools to use Personyze can request a free demo here:

Transactional Email by Personyze

Transactional emailWhat is ‘transactional email’?

Transactional email relates to everything that is not “bulk” email. It can be easily categorized as “action” or “trigger” based email marketing. Meaning, sending emails only once certain actions, triggers and/or conditions come into play. The basic purpose of transactional email is to update the recipient regarding activities done by him, or activities done by others that may be important or relevant for him.

A simple way to think about transactional email is one that fits an “if-then” condition, meaning:

IF [Something happens], THEN [Send email]


  • IF Registration completed; THEN Send registration confirmation mail
  • IF Purchase made; THEN Send invoice
  • IF Unsubscribe took place; THEN Send confirmation mail + “sorry to see you go” notice
  • IF Photo of you was tagged on Facebook; THEN Send “you were tagged” notice

Personyze approach to Transactional email/messaging 

Personyze offers a flexible, rule-based, segmentation engine that already provides the possibility of segmenting visitors based on rules such as their location, demographic data, behavior etc. Such segmentation can be easily considered as “IF – THEN”, meaning, IF [something happens], THEN [do something] where “do something” in this regards means carrying out personalization activity on the site. Personyze “Broadcast Manager” is Personyze’s personalized email marketing which can be used for either sending “bulk emails” or for sending “transactional emails/messages”. However Personyze’s transactional email capabilities is quite extended vs. standard transactional email systems. Such extended functionality is available for advanced IF and THEN conditions.

A simple way to describe Personyze’s offering when it comes to transactional email is:

IF [Something happens]THEN [Send email / SMS / Post on Facebook / Other]


  • For a travel site, for a family with parents in their 30’s and two small children that booked flight to northern Italy, you can combine in your booking confirmation email a promotion for discounted hotels and car rental and additional attractions in Northern Italy! You can also decide to show such promotions to those customers once they visit your site (automatic site personalization based on transactional activity).
  • For a travel site, for customers that booked a summer vacation to Australia during the past two years you can proactively send an email with special deals for summer vacations in Australia.
  • For a Pizza Restaurant, identifying VIP customers (customers that have made more than 5 purchases in the past year) and actively sending them relevant VIP exclusive promotions by Email, SMS, and once they visit your site!
  • For a price sensitive visitor (such as a visitor arriving from a price comparison site) you can send a message once the price of a certain product he showed interest in was lowered dramatically

TOP 5 Personalization tactics suitable for any website!

Many of our new customers ask us:

“Guys, we understand the value of Personalization and behavioral targeting. But where should we start???

Indeed, personalization bears a huge marketing promise to just about any organization. But there is so much that can be done under the concept of “personalization”. You could personalize your site, your landing pages and even your emails. You could offer targeted discounts and promotions, unique call-to-actions and the list goes on and on depending on what type of business you run.

However, after serving thousands of customers of every size and type, several common needs clearly appear. Here are the top 5 “Personalization tactics” that any organization should start with. All are extremely easy to understand and implement and could be completed using Personyze in a matter of minutes!!

  1. Personalizing landing pages by Keyword:
    Most companies create landing pages for their leading products or services. Landing pages are a great way to focus the visitor on a specific topic and push the visitor to convert. However, in practice we see that most companies create either one or a few very generic landing pages that are the target of many keywords that express a wide array of needs or desires. Why you ask? Because creating landing pages is not that easy and intuitive. It is usually done by your web development company or your internal IT and not by the marketer. This leads to creating a few template based landing pages that are just too generic. However, with Personyze you can create segments of visitors based on their search Keyword (commercial or organic) and associate to each segment a personalized version of the landing page. In such a way, your once generic landing page can transform itself into a highly personalized and relevant page based on the keyword the visitor used in his search. All while still remaining with the exactly same URL of the generic landing page and without the need to make any changes in your CMS or contact your IT team!
  2. Personalizing landing pages by Location (Geo-targeting):
    In some cases the physical location of a visitor could be very relevant to a business. If your organization has physical shops or offices in different countries of cities, you might want to address visitors who arrive from or live in proximity to such offices with a tailored message/promotion or just let them know that you are just around the corner. Personyze enables you to create segments of visitors based on visitor’s Country, State, Region and even City and associate to each segment a personalized version of the landing page to better engage with the visitor and push them to take action.
  3. Personalizing by type of device:
    With the explosion in use of smartphones and tablets it becomes increasingly important to understand that the percentage of visitors that visit your sites from none-PC devices is skyrocketing! However most websites today do not properly address those visitors and simply offer them the same experienced designed for a PC user. Personyze makes it easy to create segments based on the type of device the visitor is using and truly optimize the site for that device.
  4. Personalizing by type of visitor (new vs. returning):
    In some cases you might want to address first time visitors with a different message than repeated visitors who this is their, say, 10th visit to your site. Personyze enables you to create segments based on different visit types and address each one with a tailored message that is optimal to their current stage in your conversion funnel.
  5. Personalizing by time of day:
    In some cases, you might want to address visitors who arrive to your site during off business ours (night/weekend) with a different message than you would during normal business hours. Personyze allow you to create such segments and customize the experience of such visitors based on their local time.

Personyze presents a new WYSIWYG editor

We are happy to announce a new Personalization action – the WYSIWYG Editor. The new action allows to directly manipulate the layout of a page in a visual way and without having to type or remember names of layout commands. The new action enables the user to edit a given page while having full certainty in the final outcome that will be displayed to visitors. The action can be used for both advanced A/B & MVT testing and for creating new personalization versions to a given page. Users who have used the new action report a 50% increase in the amount of time needed to perform new testing and personalization campaigns. With the new action, it is possible to create a full blown personalization campaign, including defining a segment of visitors (“audience”) and creating several compelling personalization formats within just a few minutes and without the need to have any IT involvement in the process. Our customers and partners love it. We hope you’ll love it too :-)

Personyze gets a cool new look

Other than a more appealing and slick design the new interface also includes numerous UI changes and a massive use of workflows and wizards that enable a more simple and intuitive process of creating new testing and personalization campaigns. We are excited to see a much higher adoption rate of the system among new subscribers and a dramatic reduction in support calls related to the functionality of the Personyze interface. As a pure self-service system, Personyze is constantly working to simplify its interface and allow even the novice user the ability to carry out advanced segmentation and personalization activities without the need to know code or even have prior experience with any testing or personalization platform. As the new design is still quite fresh, we’d love to get your input and suggestions. Have something to say? email us at

Personyze Releases New API Platform, Announces Partnerships With Leading Data Providers, CMS Vendors and Technology Companies

Tel Aviv, Israel, January 5, 2012 – Personyze. A leading global provider of visitor segmentation and website personalization platform announced the launch of a new API (Application Programming Interface) version to its leading SaaS platform. The new API allows companies to build services and features on-top of Personyze leading visitor segmentation and website personalization functionality. Personyze also announced partnerships with leading data providers such as Rapleaf and other technology companies who are already making use of the new API.

The new API comes as a direct response to enormous demand from Personyze current customers and partners for more features and a deeper connection to Personyze core functionality. The API allows full access to all methods and functionality of the Personyze system.

“The new API is an important milestone for our company” said Danny Hen, VP Marketing, Sales and Business Development for Personyze. “It enables us to offer a native integration between Personyze and leading CMS’s and Data providers as well as answer the demand from some of our leading Enterprise Customers who long awaited such functionality. We are excited to see some of the leading companies in the industry showing interest in the new API and the opportunities it provides to our business. Existing customers making use of the previous API will still be able to use it without any change”.

About Personyze

Personyze ( offers the most advanced tool in the market for real-time visitor segmentation and website personalization. Personyze was founded in 2008 by a group of entrepreneurs with experience in web analysis and advertising who realized that websites should be able to offer their visitors an experience that is significantly more personal and relevant to their needs. Using Personyze, websites of all types and sizes can use over 60 Behavioral, Geographical and Historical metrics to dramatically improve their engagement with online visitors, retention and conversion rates. Personyze is a SaaS product deployed on the Amazon cloud.